Hostess Chick For Haiti

So, unless you are hiding under a rock, you have heard about the devastating earthquake that crippled the nation of Haiti. I am not Haitian, nor do I have any close friends from the country. But this tragedy is really touching my heart. Maybe its the 24 hour coverage, the 100's of tweets of organizations begging for our aid, the high energy biscuits from the World Food Program, or maybe it's the picture of dead babies lying in the street. Maybe it's all of the above. As part of the human race, I feel like we have to do something.

Just like people rallied the troops during the Presidential Election, hosting parties and giving money. Let's find that same spirit, and give to the people of Haiti.

You guys know I love a party. So If you want to have a Party for Haiti, and collect money to donate to the Red Cross, World Food Program, or other reputable organization, here are some tips.

  • Incorporate the colors of the country. The vibrant hues of red and blue can be used in the foods served like blueberries and strawberries.

  • Have a theme in mind, and make sure you inform your guests. My friends chuckle when I talk about Hoarders for Haiti, but I really do think we can save Haiti by cleaning out the homes of hoarders. I just envision an abundance of clothes, blankets, and basic items in the closets of Americans. There are organizations like Abundant Ground, and many churches that are gathering clothing and shoes to give to the people of Haiti, once we get through this initial phase of the Disaster. (I could not think of something as clever for monetary donations, but I just thought about Hygeine for Haiti -- again providing basic necessities for people in Haiti such as toothbrushes, wipes, sanitary napkins, deodorant, and diapers.

  • Plan something for a few months from now. The rebuilding and recovery efforts for Haiti will be long. Hopefully, we will be able to teach them to fish, and help them rebuild on a more solid future than the foundation of their past.

  • I chose to donate to the World Food Program. My interest peaked about the organization, mainly because they were already in Haiti even before the Earthquake began,and also because the WFP Spokesperson Bettina Luescher talked about the high energy bars that they were giving out from Day 1 of this disaster. The bars are supposed to have all the nutritional value that one would need in a day. My friend Shawanda from You Have More than You Think was nice enough to find me a recipe from Recipe Czaar for the biscuits. I'll try to make them, but in case I don't...let me know where I can buy some or how your's turned out.

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