Personalizing a DIY Wedding Invitation

My sister’s wedding weekend is officially over. We managed to pull it together in less than three months and for less than $5,000. Although, the savings were huge, we did not skimp on the chic details.

Let’s start with the invitations. We went back and forth. We thought about designing our own, we searched etsy and found some beautiful designs, and we even thought about using a local printer. In the end, we went with a classic diy kit from Joann’s. Not only was it classic, and elegant, but we also had a coupon for 40% off. Luckily for us, this wedding was small. (But print out a few coupons, make a few trips, and you could save big!)

Note: The invitations we used were slightly different. It’s always important to go to the stores. They always have more options than you will see online.

Now for my brides that scoff the idea of having such a generic invitation for such a grand event as your wedding, let me give you my best tip on dressing up a basic invitation. Nothing says personal like your a wedding monogram. It sets the tone for the event, and it’s a simple way to add consistency. We went with a digital monogram from Etsy. She created the digital logo for only 6.00! We used this logo on the programs for the Engagement dinner, the wedding programs, menu cards and other touches that helped create a cohesive link to this wedding. You could also purchase a Monogram Stamp from your local print shop or

Ten tips to make your invitations set the town, for a fabulous wedding.

1. Take your time. If your rush it will show.
2. Make sure your hands are clean. Sounds simple enough, right.
3. Use glue dots. I know its tempting to bust out your kid’s Elmer’s School Glue, but trust me…You will see the difference.
4. If you don’t have beautiful penmanship, save yourself and your guests by using mailing labels.
5. Make sure you include postage on your RSVPs.
6. Make sure your postage is pretty. The post office has pretty postage. Also check out
7. Make sure you include your return address!
8. Make sure you have enough postage on your invitations.
9. If you are having a small wedding, don’t feel bad about emphasizing the importance of RSVPs and adhering to the number of guests invited.
10. Check out this post about wedding invitation etiquette and basics.

Next wedding post, I'll talk about the details...and when to splurge.

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