Where the Wild Things Are Party

I'm catching up on my to do list. A while ago, I told you guys about my son's Kindergarten class having a "Where the Wild Things Are" Party in October. Here are some pictures from all the fun.

Max's Crown:

I went to Burger King, and they were nice enough to give me crowns for the class. The only problem was that the month that I went, was Spongebob's Anniversary. So my son, and I spent the evening spraypainting crowns gold. Ms. Beaver had an array of fur and jewels for the kids to bling up their crowns.

Monster Puppets
I manned the monster puppet station. The kids had a great time. I think the only thing I would have done differently, would be to cut out my teeth, noses, and other items ahead of time. But overall, creativity took over.

Monster Cupcakes
The monster cupcakes were a hit. One of the moms baked and iced the cupcakes. She had dirt(sprinkles), candy corn, and other tasty accessories for the kids to make their own cupcake creations.

Monster Mix
The kids also made Monster Mix, or Chick Mix if you are me. They combined several things like marshmellows, pretzels, and M & Ms to create a yummy treat.

The party was great for more pictures, check out Mrs Beaver's Blog or my previous post for more inspiration.

Image Source:http://beauclercbeavers.blogspot.com/

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