Back to School

Tomorrow, my baby is going to Kindergarten. When I tell folks this, the first thing they say is aww. Do you think you are going to cry? Of course, I’m going to cry.

But this morning, I got excited and said maybe we’ll have a PARTY!!! The last few months have been shaky. Things are finally starting to calm down and what better way to celebrate a storm passing than with a party. I am still unpacking, but I have moved into a new place and the layout is to die for.

My initial thought was to have a housewarming party, now I’m thinking two parties, one for me and one for the boy. I’m still brainstorming a theme for my party, but for Todd, a Back to School theme is perfect.


  • Everything is on sale. Always use that to your advantage when planning a themed party. (If you want to have a Christmas in July party buy your decorations in January.)
  • It will keep him and his friends excited about school.
  • New party theme, can you say YAY!

I’ll let you know what I come up with, but here are some ideas I found all over the web!

merry B events

A Southern Accent

Party Wishes

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