Just In Case

Three months ago, I graduated with my MBA. I was very excited about graduating but I was even more excited about my gifts. I’m not one to expect gifts, but it was a pleasant surprise for people to honor my accomplishments. My mentee surprised me with a beautiful business card case with my name engraved. It was a wake up call of look at me. That I was entering into a new phase of my life.

But when I’m not this super professional, I’m The Hostess Chick. I’m full of personality and I love to show it. You can personalize almost anything these days. Check out these business card cases perfect for the professional woman, the super mom, and anyone in between.
I design mommy cards. I’ll be loading my designs on Etsy soon. In the meantime send me an email if you would like me to design you one (for a fee of course).

Check out the following links to find the perfect case for you:

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