So don’t laugh at me, but I have finally upgraded my cell phone status. I had an old school Sanyo phone that I could always drop, always had signal, lasted without charging, the list goes on. I mean this was a phone meant for the Super Mom of the 80s. My coworker used to pick up me and hold up a container of Lysol wipes and imitate me on the phone.

So I decided to treat myself with my bonus, I mean after all how often do you get a bonus in a recession. So I purchased the Blackberry Curve. It took me a while to learn how to do the simple things like answer the phone and send a text message. But that I have the basics down, I’ve moved on to the advanced features. I recorded my son’s basketball game, has it synced to my calendar, watched TV and more. This is definitely the phone for the SuperMom of 2009. I mean the president has one. I think that says it all.

I found this shortcut page for Chickberry Newbies.

I’ve also been working on personalizing my phone.. I have decent case from Verizon but I am on the prowl for a cutie patootie case.

Check out my Chick Nest for more designs

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