Entertaining on a Budget

Who doesn't enjoy entertaining? Unfortunately, entertaining can become quite expensive. This usually means you don't get to entertain as often as you would like. Luckily, entertaining on a budget isn't rocket science. There are several ways you get together with your friends and have a nice time while still sticking to a budget.

Entertaining on a Budget Idea #1: Entertain at Home

Entertaining on a budget is so easy when you entertain at home. Entertaining at home allows you to control the cost of the meal. When you take your friends out to eat, you can expect to spend a couple hundred dollars, but when you entertain at home you will be able to easily stick to your budget.

Entertaining on a Budget Idea #2: Fix Affordable Meals

Entertaining on a budget doesn't mean you have to skip a wonderful meal. In fact, there are several meals that are very affordable and easy on your budget. Pasta dishes for example, are very affordable. You can add roasted vegetables, some chicken, and sauce to your pasta for very affordable and healthy meal. You can even fix steak for your friends and still stay on budget. After all, steaks will only cost a fraction of the price when bought at the grocery store. If you need to stretch your budget a little further, cut up the steak and make chili or beef stew. Entertaining on a budget is even more affordable if you ask your friends to bring the dessert.

Entertaining on a Budget Idea #3: Have a Movie Marathon

Going to the movies is no longer an affordable way of entertaining. For people who want to entertain on a budget, a more affordable option would be to have a movie marathon at home. One of my favorite ways to have a movie marathon is to have a theme night. For example, you could watch award winning films and serve fancy finger foods like they would at a Hollywood party. This is a very affordable way of entertaining that your friends will really enjoy.

Entertaining on a Budget Idea #4: Have a Barbeque
Barbeques are extremely easy on a budget. You can buy large packages of hamburger patties and hot dogs which are very affordable. You can even buy packages of chicken that would also be an affordable option. The side dishes that are typically served at a barbeque literally cost a few dollars to make. When it comes to drinks, I suggest serving beverages like tea, lemonade, and other drinks that can be made in large batches. These drinks are easier on the budget. If your friends ask if they can bring anything, ask them to bring a dessert.

Entertaining on a Budget Idea #5: Have a Game Night

Game night is usually reserved for families, but why? Instead, why not gather up all your favorite games and share them with your friends. Entertaining this way is not only easy on your budget, but it's also fun. I find that the best games to entertain with are trivia games. When entertaining this way, I suggest serving either pizza or appetizers.


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