Paper Chicks - Obama Edition

I don't know too many of us that aren't excited about our new first family. One of my soon to be favorite past times after graduation is Scrapbooking. This is such an important moment in our history. I welcome you to join me in creating a photobook/scrapbook in honor of this historic event. I've included some links for some pictures, and a 7 Step Guide for Your First Scrapbook.

Sample Scrapbook Pages

Barack Obama's Flickr Page

1. Decide on the photos you will stick on the scrapbook page. Are they themed (e.g. baby photos, birthday party) or are they miscellaneous? With this in mind, ensure that you pick out its papers to match, only if you want them to match!

2. Types of papers are used for scrapbooking recommended are acid-free papers for longevity of your scrapbook. The papers used should be solid, so that when and if glue is used, it does not affect the other side and your photos will not seem too heavy for it.

3. Choose one photo as the main focus for each page, and try to ensure that it correlates with the theme of the scrapbook. You may of course add other photos on the same page but try to keep their sizes smaller than the main one.

4. You should always stick your photo on its own individual solid paper cut out for it before sticking it onto the solid paper used in for the scrapbook. This is to guarantee it stands out.

5. Use wrapping paper to facilitate decorating the background. You can cover the whole page or only the areas you will not be sticking photos on. Another option is to decorate it with drawings and adding stickers to it as well.

6. Journaling helps in explaining the photos or adding a few things the photos do not show which happened the time the photos were taken. You should leave enough space for any journaling you wish to do whilst making the scrapbook or maybe even for the future. Try to avoid writing directly onto the scrapbook's paper. Write or print whatever you wish to write about on cardstock paper, in case of mistakes, cardstock paper can easily be removed and replaced.

7. Set all your photos and page decorations on the scrapbook page before gluing them to verify that the sizes are right and the designs are the way you like. After you are satisfied with everything you can begin to glue everything, beginning with the background then until the foreground. You then have your first scrapbook.

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