The Single Mom's Guide to Affordable Entertaining

Does the idea of having a few friends over a la Sex and the City seem out of reach for you because of your dwindling finances? Entertaining on a budget doesn't have to mean plastic utensils or hotdogs and chips. Gone too, are the days were pot luck means pork and beans, green bean casseroles, and red jello with sliced bananas. You can make your next get together fun and flirty or host a sexy cocktail party without going broke.

Here are a few of the get togethers that I have hosted this year:

-Game Night

-Sex and the City Night

-Casual Cocktail Party

-Luau Night

The reason that this single mom was able to host these and other get togethers successfully and still have rent money at the end of the month is because I use what is available to me. When you have buckets full of money you can totally start with a theme or idea and then go around and have a shop-a-thon to gather the neccasary items and food stuffs.

What I do is just the opposite of that.

For the Luau Night I didn't decide on that as a theme at first, I instead decided to ask some questions. I remembered that a co-workers cousin had a carribean themed reception, so I asked her if there were any leis left over that I could buy


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