Bedtime Baby Shower

This is the cutest idea ever.
Turn standard 6-ft banquet tables into "beds" using sheets, blankets, inexpensive duvet covers, and/or tablecloths in the style and colors of your choice!

In the images above, we used a white tablecloth to act as the bottom "sheet" and inexpensive twin-sized duvet sets from IKEA for the bedspread and pillowcase. (These duvet sets from IKEA were about the same price to purchase as it would cost to rent a tablecloth from a party supply for one day!)

Once the bed is made, top it off with a pillow, stuffed animal, story book, and your place settings.

If you're setting more than one table, mix up the fabrics & looks of the beds for a fun, eclectic feel. This theme will actually look much better with different styles to each bed, as opposed to identical looks - just make sure that the colors of the different tables mesh well and are tied together somehow. For example, in the images above, the blue "bed" is accented with an orange plush toy to coordinate with the orange color palette of the other "bed".

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